Welcome to the home of the Falls Township Que For The Troops and Family Festival event. A fundraising event benefiting the Liberty USO.

News and updates will be listed on this page whenever they happen. We hope to make this the best event yet!

5/9/2016:Ok, holding a few spots, we are up to 70 teams, but we do NEED JUDGES. Click ON THIS LINK HERE to sign up automatically.

5/9/2016:We have our 66th competitor signed up, with a little room left for a few more. Get those applications in soon. Also, we could use some more judges for Saturday night. If you're KCBS certified, and free on June 4th, come on out. Sent Matt an e-mail at markey@fallstwp.org as soon as you can.

4/29/2016:The schedules for Friday and Saturday have been added to the site, as well as our 64th team. We are only a month out, so keep an eye on the site for more updates and info.

4/21/2016:61 teams have registered so far, and I'm hoping we hit our 75 mark in the next few weeks. We are about 5 weeks away from the big event, so keep an eye out for more details that will be released soon.

3/21/2016:We are up to 45 teams for the competition, with a lot of last year's teams yet to sign up. Get your applications in soon, the cap is 75 total. Check out the competition page for a complete listing.

2/18/2016:Time for an update... Yes, we are full on judges. I want to thank everyone that signed up, and if we have spots open up between now and the event, I'll be sure to post for judges. We have over 20 teams already lined up, with a decent mix of new and returning. Get those apps in, people!

1/11/2016:Ok, 62 judges signed up. Remember, once we hit our mark I'll be starting a waiting list, so still send in those apps. We have our first NEW teams to the 2016 competition. Appearing at the Que for the first time, lets welcome Little Creek Bar-B-Cue Co from Banger PA, and Guyute's Barbecue from Yardley, PA.

1/7/2016:We have 55 judges signed up and we have our first 2 teams confirmed. Welcome back to HAWG Nation and Somkin' Tex BBQ. Keep those applications coming in!

1/5/2016:It hasn't been 24 hours, but I already have 24 judges applications already accepted. Just want to give everyone a heads up, we hope to have 75 competitors, which means we need about 110 certified KCBS judges to participate. As of 1:30pm, we already have 31 confirmed judges. Still plenty of room, but get those applications in! When the time comes, and we fill all the available spots, we will announce that news and begin a waiting list for those that wish to still apply.

1/4/2016:2016 Que for the Troops BBQ competition is now accepting competitor and judge applications. Applications are available on the Forms page.
We plan to host 75 teams this year, with returning teams having priority until April 1st. Judges are needed, and accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Sponsor and vendor applications will be available shortly. We have also posted the video from the 2015 event. Visit the Photos and Videos page to check that out. We had a great time last year, we are planning for an even better time this year.