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Welcome to the home of the Falls Township Que For The Troops and Family Festival event. A fundraising event benefiting the Liberty USO.

News and updates will be listed on this page whenever they happen. We hope to make this the best event yet!

03/23/2015:Ok, some more teams making their way back to the Que: Philly Blind Pig BBQ, Willy's Q Shack and Pigheaded BBQ all set to return

03/16/2015:5 Alarm Backyard BBQ from Teaneck, NJ is back for the Que. Also wanted to acknowledge and thank some new sponsors for helping out: Ray Litwin's Heating and Air Conditioning, Herr's Foods, and American Water.

03/16/2015:The Eastern Beast BBQ from Valley Stream, NY is back for 2015!

03/03/2015:Welcome back to Pig Pen BBQ from Yardville, NJ

02/19/2015:Welcome back Grim Reaper Smokers. That makes 33 teams already confirmed to be returning to the Que

02/18/2015:The Honey Bears BBQ Team and Dr. Pearl's Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team are back for the 2015 Que For The Troops!

02/11/2015:Welcome back Butthead BBQ Team!

02/09/2015:Well we got some more teams on the list as of today. We welcome back Stubborn Bull BBQ, Polka Pigs, Wilbur's Revenge, It's Butta Baby! BBQ and Camp Bacon BBQ

02/03/2015:More teams making their return to the Que: Welcome back to We Rib U Long Time from Perkasie, 3 Brothers BBQ from Philly, and Herm's Hogs from right here in Fairless Hills.

01/28/2015:Two more teams coming back to competition: Southern Exposure and Chew, Fatboy! Chew! BBQ. Over 20 teams locked in to return to the Que, and its not even February. Our lil' event is growing up so fast!

01/26/2015:Welcome back Smokin' Foolz BBQ to the Que'!

01/24/2015:So, few updates here... we welcome back Smokopolis BBQ to the Competition.
We are now closed to Judges applications, so if you didn't get an app in before now, sorry. For those that did, we will be sending out invites for Judges in the first week of February.

01/20/2015:Today we welcome back Blazin' Buttz BBQ from Sayville, NY to the competition. We also want to thank Inspire Federal Credit Union for coming on board as our latest sponsor!
I'd also like to let everyone know that we will be closing applications for Judges at the end of business on Friday, January 23rd. So if you still would like to be considered for a Judges position, get those applications in ASAP.
Also, a reminder to teams new to the Que For the Troops, we are still accepting your applications, and come April 1st, if any spots remain open in the Competition, we will fill those spots from the waiting list in the order your application was received.
Lastly, a reminder once again, we now have Sponsorship Forms available on the right hand side of the home page

01/19/2015:Busy weekend, but we have news. This year, the Que For The Troops will again have the Anything Butt and Dessert competitions FREE to competitors. These FREE side events will each have the following payout:

  • 1st Place: $300
  • 2nd Place $150
  • 3rd Place: $75

We now have forms available for Sponsorship opportunities for the event. The link is to the right, or you can click this, SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION link here.

01/16/2015:We get to welcome back two teams today: Two and Que and Smokin' Hoggz BBQ. Glad to have them both back.
We are filling up on judges pretty quick. I'm almost where I need to be, so if you're sending in an application after this weekend there is a decent shot you will be waitlisted. We are going to keep judges signups open for a little longer, but not past the end of the month. The beginning of Feb. is when we plan to send out Judges invites for the event, or notify individuals they have been waitlisted.

01/13/2015:Today we welcome back Moon River BBQ to the competition, and many thanks to our latest sponsor, Smoke'n Dudes BBQ. For those looking for a little history, I've added last year's competition results to the COMPETITION page.

01/12/2015:Bunch of updates to the site. We now have the 2015 KCBS Rule Book available on the Competition page. We add 2 more teams to our ranks by welcoming back Uncle Pig's Barbecue Pit and Drilling and Grilling. We added some times and structure to the Friday and Saturday pages. Please note, all times are subject to change. Added some more pictures to the Photos and Videos section. If you have attended the event in the past and would like to share your pictures with us please send them to us at We would love to post them for all to see. And finally, happy to say we have our first sponsors for the Que for the Troops fundraiser: MC2 Digital Media and Grand Royal BBQ. We hope to be adding alot more names to that list in the coming months so stay tuned!

01/09/2015:Full event website launched. Food and Non-Food / Info Booth Applications now available on the FORMS page. We have 11 teams already confirmed for the event. To see who is already making their way to the Que visit the COMPETITION page

12/31/2014:Temp website in place, and BBQ Judge and Competitor forms become available for 2015

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